How image accuracy impacts your research...positively and negatively

On-Demand | Recorded on October 27 - 2016



In this 45-minute webcast, Dr. Pradeep Bhattad dissects the common causes of interpretation bias when using microCT datasets.

You will discover:

  • Some use cases for microCT imaging as it applies to the oil and gas industry.
  • The differences and similarities between helical and circular scanning techniques using microCT imaging.
  • How to accurately digitize 3D rock volume and its mineralogy without anomalies such as beam hardening, ring artifacts, and stitching artifacts.
  • Ways you can avoid and reduce interpretation bias by using taller samples (more volume) and advanced algorithms during image reconstruction.
  • How Dr. Bhattad has incorporated microCT into his own work in digital rock using multi-scale image analysis to derive multi-phase flow properties. 

Dr. Pradeep Bhattad received his PhD in 2010 in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University, where he studied transient flow behavior in porous media using X-ray microCT imaging and digital rock technology. Upon completing his PhD, he joined Lithicon in their Australia location to further advance digital rock physics and imaging for industrial applications in upstream exploration and production. He later joined Thermo Fisher Scientific and moved to Houston as the HeliScan Product Manager for their Oil and Gas Business. With more than 11 years of research and application experience, Dr. Bhattad continues to support the adoption of microCT technology for use in advanced reservoir characterization and digital rock physics, particularly as it applies to multi-phase flow and quantitative analytics.


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