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Understanding molecular structures – faster and more reliably with cryo-EM

Introducing the newest Thermo Scientific cryo-TEM solutions

Recorded, Tuesday, October 31, 2017



Thanks to recent technical advances, cryo-electron microscopy or cryo-EM, is increasingly positioned as a key solution within the field of structural biology. Cryo-EM is capable of quickly generating high-resolution models of small and large protein complexes, without having to first crystallize the protein. Furthermore, these technical improvements have triggered a “resolution revolution” in the domain of single particle analysis (SPA), and has allowed the technique to routinely achieve sub-nanometer resolution imaging of proteins. These advances have the potential to open a vast range of important biological problems that have remained out of reach with traditional techniques.

The steady adoption of cryo-EM SPA has generated a growing demand for highly reliable, fast and robust acquisition technologies. In this webcast, we introduce the new Thermo Scientific™ Krios™ G3i and the Thermo Scientific™ Glacios™ cryo-transmission electron microscopes, which represent the most economical and efficient cryo-EM solutions available for acquiring the 3D structure of molecules. We discuss their advantages and applications in cryo-EM single particle analysis.

In this webcast we address:

  • The growing field of cryo electron microscopy imaging in the field of single particle analysis
  • The advantages of cryo-EM technologies
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific's newly introduced solutions for cryo-EM, as well as their advantages and applications 


Dr. Storms has a PhD in virology – studying cell to cell trafficking of bunyaviruses. Within Thermo Fisher Scientific he is active in various roles as applications specialist, product manager and product marketing manager of the cell and structural biology workflow solutions. Currently his primary focus is in the development and marketing of new single particle workflow solutions and instruments, of which, the Krios G3i and the Glacios are the most recent.

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