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Introducing the Talos L120C for Life Sciences | On-Demand

Recorded on 18 October 2016

The Talos™ L120C is a new high-contrast, 120kV thermionic , multi-discipline transmission/scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) designed for both life and materials scientists. Incorporating proven technologies from Thermo Fisher Scientific's high-end Titan Krios™/Themis™ S/TEM family, the Talos L120C improves upon its predecessor, the Tecnai™ Spirit, by improving performance and usability in laboratories with users of varying skill levels.

For Life Sciences, the Talos L120C provides improved performance and productivity across a wide range of samples and applications, such as 2D and 3D imaging of cells and cell organelles, at both ambient and cryogenic temperatures.

Why should I watch this webcast?
  • Find out how the Talos L120C has been developed for advanced TEM applications and STEM imaging, both at ambient and cryogenic temperatures.
  • Learn how your multi-user environment can benefit from the Talos L120C’s ease-of-use features and remote control capabilities.
  • See how the Talos L120C’s ultra-stable optics and streamlined workflows for advanced 2D and 3D imaging applications deliver fast, repeatable results.
  • Discover how the completely redesigned ergonomics and SmartCam screening camera ensure operator comfort and permit remote operation when needed.


Gaurav Sharma 
Technical Sales Engineer
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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