Webcast: 10^6 and beyond: New research applications for Materials Science

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Due to their greater throughput capabilities, Xe Plasma FIB/SEMs have enabled researchers to access larger volumes of materials and metals with large grain structure to improve statistical accuracy for 2D and 3D analysis. Xe Plasma FIB/SEM technology also enables dramatically improved material removal rates compared to traditional methods, while maintaining exceptional surface quality and high-contrast, ultra-high-resolution imaging performance.

This webcast shows how researchers at Carnegie Mellon University use the FEI Helios PFIB DualBeam to produce samples for site-specific 3D-EBSD analysis, to fabricate samples for dynamic mechanical testing, and to create Gallium-free thin sections for S/TEM analysis using in-situ manipulators in combination with the large throughput capability of the Plasma FIB. We also discuss how Xe Plasma FIB technology opens the door to new research applications such as the visualization and analysis of polycrystalline metal samples after mechanical stress.

In this webcast, you will:

  • Hear from expert speakers how large volume serial sectioning can help bridge the current gap in multiscale materials characterization.
  • Discover solutions for rapidly creating large volume 3D material reconstructions.
  • Learn more about new research applications for Materials Science using Xe Plasma FIB technology.

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